About US

Chokers and more from a Unicorn!!!!!

Meet Linz B, a stay at home mom who decided to not give up on her dreams of career and found a way to mix business with family.

The world of Fashion has always been her “dream world”. At day she’s a true mom, but at night, once her kids are asleep- she finds the time to go back to her fashion-passion and create unique accessories. She started selling her accessories on her Etsy & Ebay stores

Before starting her Etsy and Ebay stores, Linz was a teacher and a social worker. She keep that job up until her second child came along, which then she resigned and decided to become a full stay-at-home-mom, a profession that people often tend to under-mind.

The main theme of her online store are Chokers, and everything that surrounds them. You’ll be able to find chokers, corsets, as well as trendy items.
She drives inspiration from the fashion that surrounds her, from sweet memories of the choker-full 90’s and from current pop-trend lead by celebrities and designers.

You’ll be able to find amazing items on her online site, some that are her own mind’s doing, and others that are meant to imitate the super-stars’ fashion- giving you the chance to accessorize like a celebrity, without spending a fortune.